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Labial (Lip) Frenectomy in Eugene/Springfield Area

A labial frenum connects the upper lip to the gums above the upper front teeth. A labial frenectomy is performed when there is limitation with the movement of the upper lip. Restricted movement of the upper lip can affect the natural latch of an infant and restrict the proper suction and latch causing problems with nursing. A restricted labial frenum has also been linked with increased risk of decay in the upper front teeth due to “trapping” of liquids and foods in the upper lip pocket that is created with a restricted labial frenum. In addition, a labial frenum can cause gapping between the upper front teeth. This is usually more of a concern when children are older and treatment is often coordinated with orthodontic care.

As noted with lingual frenums, Dr. Lentfer uses the Kotlow Classification for labial ties as well:

  • Class I – not present (almost never present)
  • Class II – attaches in the upper ½ of the gums
  • Class III – attaches in lower ½ of gums
  • Class IV – attaches between teeth