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Tongue Tie Treatment in Eugene, Oregon

Tongue ties, also known as “Tethered Oral Tissue” or “TOT” is when the fascia/tissue covering the tongue muscles, also known as the lingual frenum, limits the mobility of tongue movement. Everyone has tissue covering this muscle, but it’s the amount of tightness/restriction that really defines the presence of a “tongue tie.” Tongue Ties have been linked with everything from problems with nursing to speech delays to neck tension as well as mastication issues and even ADHD and sleep disorders such as apnea.

A lingual frenum connects the tongue to the floor of the mouth. A lingual frenectomy is a quick procedure that reduces the size of the frenum, releasing the overlying fascia, allowing the tongue muscles to move freely. If restricted tongue movement is discovered early, a frenectomy can be performed as early as the first few weeks after birth. Dr. Lentfer uses the Kotlow classification for tongue ties as shown below

  • Class I – submucosal, only visible with retraction
  • Class II – barely visible
  • Class III – almost to the tip of the tongue
  • Class IV – to the tip of the tongue

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